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Ken's weird radioactive nightmare, Part 3, Dec 6 '09

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Woke up @ 5am with weird radioactive nightmare. It was Act III of a long 3 part dream. Has some many ppl I know, past and present, and strangers, too, in a non-existant coffee shop set two blocks away from the house I grew up in.

A badly radioactive rock was released out of its lead container automatically at a certain time. Everybody in the shop dies. People three blocks away, they live but a few of their dogs die but that's the extent of the damage. I almost died, but got a 2nd chance to go back in time to an hour before it happened. I could save only one person.

It works. Went back, I saved. Me Hero! But we end going back to the shop a few hours later, after the radioactive rock was gone and it seemed safe enough.

I end up eating three cookies left on the counter. They were radioactive. I woke up just before I died.

First thing I said to myself was, "Good job, Ken. You just -had- to eat the cookies."
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Ken's weird radioactive nightmare, Part 3, Dec 6 '09