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32 Uses for Old Sheets - FYI

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Uses for Old Sheets

  1. Drop Cloths for anything messy
  2. Quilt backing and/or quilt squares
  3. Car clothhave one in the trunk of the car for those times someone has the change the oil, etc.
  4. Costumes or clothing
  5. Strips for crocheted or woven rag rugs
  6. Fitting muslins for clothes, furniture slip covers, etc.
  7. Stuffing for projects that need more weight and bodyanimal beds, etc.
  8. Make a new ironing board cover.
  9. Curtains or Drapery lining.
  10. Craft projectuse a plain sheet, and let the kids draw on it with crayons. Iron to set.
  11. Tapestry loom strips
  12. Rags! Old sheets are better for polishing glass/metal because they don't leave fuzzes.
  13. Rags for paintingfor the same reasons.
  14. Ball of stripsuse in place of twine for tying up plants, etc.
  15. Handle wrapping for lawn and garden tools, etc.
  16. Movingwrap items in pieces of old sheets before wrapping with newspaper to keep them clean.
  17. Donate them to charity. Shelters can almost always use bedding in good repair.
  18. Practice material for a new craft: learning to sew, dye, etc.
  19. Pattern making/tailoring. Transfer pattern pieces onto fabric and then they last longer.
  20. Dust covers--old fashioned, but still effective. If you're putting something away for a while, protect it from the dust and dander, and it will retain value longer.
  21. Tear up old sheets into 12 X 12 squares and use in place of paper towels. Wash and reuse.
  22. Covers for tender plants in a frost or light freeze.
  23. Throw weeds, you pulled in your yard, to carry to the compost pile,
  24. Drape gently over a overcoat. Air is still able to get through & it keeps it clean (no dust).
  25. Protect your artificial Christmas tree from dust after the holidays. 
  26. Make interfacing for home sewn clothing instead of the expensive interfacing from the fabric store.
  27. Make five pillowcases from an old sheet: two from the top and bottom and one from the middle.
  28. Or take the five pillowcases and cut a "V" in the middle of the bottom of the pillowcase for protectors for your good clothes on hangers.
  29. Cover mattress springs to keep them clean.
  30. Make tablecloths, tenting and banners with just some fabric paint, old lace, etc.
  31. Use for a bio weed block. They have to be all cotton to work. Put down a layer of compost, then the old bed sheet, then mulch. You can cut and tear the sheet to fit around my trees and shrubs.
  32. Tear old sheets into strips and then use a large crochet needle to crochet a rug.

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    32 Uses for Old Sheets - FYI