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Primal Supernova

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avatarUdut, Kenneth -- on Apr. 5 2011, from Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL
Founder of this Naples site of NeighborHelp Referrals.

The Church of the Primal Supernova.

I've been on a quest to understand the formation of you and me.

I've studied the Big Bang, even the m-Brane theory of what came BEFORE the Big Bang. I get the gist of that - and am in awe of the whole thing.

But I just wasn't satisfied. I needed something a little newer than that, but directly related to how WE came to be.

I thought, "People have worshipped many things over the history of humanity. Why not worship something scientifically confirmed?"

So, newer I go.

Okay. People have worshipped the Sun. It's actually a great thing to worship - we would have nothing if it weren't for the Sun - for many reasons that I won't go into right now.

BUT - one thing that's been bothering me to no end, is when I found out, a long time ago, that there was a Sun BEFORE the Sun, for there was no way the Earth could have the heavier elements in it if they weren't created by something pre-dating the Sun.

So, I investigated. I wondered, "What was the name of the #1 Sun?"

I couldn't find it. Drove me nuts.

All references to how the Solar System was formed pointed to a "Giant Molecular Cloud".

Proof of the Giant Molecular Cloud can be found in special meteorites called Carbonaceous Chondrite which contains calcium aluminum inclusion or CAI - little spheres of Calcium, Aluminum and Titanium in the oldest meteorites that existed from BEFORE the Sun and the Solar System was born. OKAY - now we're getting some place. We have something tangable.

But I'm not one for worshipping a rock, no matter how old it is.

So, back to the gas.

What are molecular clouds made of?

Mostly Hydrogen and Helium - 98% - PLUS 2% of heavier elements formed from PRIOR explosions of supernova, or stripped off the top layer of Red Giants or from some severe solar flares from ANOTHER STAR. Argh - we're back to the damned star again. And here I thought I had it.

Okay, but maybe there's something more to the molecular clouds.

What is a molecular cloud? It's INTERSTELLAR gas that condensed due to gravity and it's quite dark - pretty much as black as black can get (but it's not Dark Matter).

But interstellar gas is just the stuff floating around since the Big Bang - Hydrogen and Helium, plus dust.

What? Dust? What the heck is Dust?

Carbon and Silicon that comes from - you guessed it, the explosion of some other star. Argh - I'M NOT WORSHIPPING DUST.

I'm starting to see that I went too far back in time.

Okay: We've got Interstallar Gas which collapses to form a Giant Molecular Cloud. But it's just a Giant Molecular Cloud - mostly Hydrogen and Helium with some heavier elements ("dust") that flew in there from various other stars getting born and dying, born and dying, but not a whole lot of heavier elements of note.

But then, about 50 Million Years before the formation of the Solar System SOMETHING HAPPENS.

Ah ha! Now we're getting somewhere. What's that "something"? Does it have a name? Oh, please please, have a decent name.

and it does.


We've found it.

This is our little "Big Bang" - the one that matters. The one that injected the elements to form the Pre-nebula,that forms a T Tauri type star - our Sun, the Protoplanetary Disk that forms the outer planets, the collapse of heavier materials to form the inner planets, the water on earth and all that more familiar stuff.

The Primal Supernova is the violent explosion of a Star whose light we have never seen (perhaps the "Let there be Light" Star that came before the Sun in Genesis).

That Primal Supernova Star formed, during its lifetime, many heavier elements within its core as the hydrogen turned to helium and so forth up the chain of the Table of Elements. But it didn't form all of them.

The Primal Supernova INJECTED the Giant Molecular Cloud with the necessary heavier elements, which, with Help of the wonderous force of Gravity, began to collapse upon itself and started the process that created, well, YOU.

So, there are THREE Gods to worship:

1) The Giant Molecular Cloud

2) Gravity, without which NONE of this would be possible.

3) the Primal Supernova, which kicked off the chain of events that led to us.

I wish somebody would NAME that star. I wish somebody would NAME that Giant Molecular Cloud.

But somebody DID name the Primal Supernova.

And that is all I was looking for.

The giant molecular cloud was the DARKNESS. they're hard to detect, but some you can see, like the Horseshoe Nebula. They used to think these were Holes in the Sky because they were BLACK and obscured the stars behind them. They were irritating to astromers because they get in the way of looking at the pretty lights in the sky.

Then God - the Primal Supernova, said, "Let there be Light". Ka-blam!!

The Darkness was infused with heavy elements from the Light, and the very oxygen we breathe today, the Iron in our bloodstream, the Amino Acids that make up the Proteins that form our bodies... all came from the Primal Supernova.

But before all this, is Gravity.

Gravity collapsed the Interstellar Gases to form the giant molecular cloud.

Gravity created the Primal Sun, whose Light we have never seen.

Gravity of the heavier elements within that Primal Sun, after Nuclear Fusion could do no more, assisted an instability between the two processes and BLAM - the Primal Supernova happened, whose intensity created the heaviest of the Elements that exist inside of us and our planet and solar system and Sun today.

The heavier elements injected into the giant molecular cloud, which was already dense but not doing a whole lot for us before then, started collapsing due to Gravity (ahh, gravity) and it was spinning. And spinning. And spinning. (remember - acceleration and Gravity are more or less identical in behavior, according to Einstein)

In the center of the Pre-Solar Nebula, Gravity encourages the Hydrogen to get close enough to FUSE, LIGHTING THE SPARK that lit the Sun.

And the protoplanetary disk condensed to form the outer planets.

And the heavy materials condensed to form the inner planets, including Earth.

And the rest, is history.

The very materials formed in that Primal Supernova are in everything within you, around you and on, within, and inbetween any planet we will likely ever explore in our solar system.

Every meteorite that strikes the other - it is nothing Alien - it is but a Long Lost Older Brother saying, "Howdy!" It, too, is made of the the Primal Supernova.

yes, yes, yes, there are other solar systems, other galaxies, other galactic clusters.

but I don't care about those.

The Church of the Primal Supernova worships these primary three: Primary Supernova, Giant Molecular Cloud and Gravity.

I encourage you to join in Awe and Amazement, for this is our Creator.

Kenneth Udut

Naples, Florida

CPS born on April 5th, 2011 at 2pm.


Udut, Kenneth on June 24 2011 edit · delete

Well, think of how elements are created: You start off with hydrogen and helium (seems like they're the two basic elements). Giant molecular clouds are where stars are born. Irregularies means there are some clumps of hydrogen or helium molecules floating around a little moe densely. Gravity pulls them together, at first slowly then faster and faster and faster as it gets more dense. Suddenly - ka-blam - nuclear fusion occurs and a star is born. the hydrogen in the core fuses to form helium, then the next heavier element and next heavier element. Then, once the core of the star is IRON it can't hold itself together anymore. if its big enough, KA-BOOM - SUPERNOVA. Not only are all the layers of elements from hydrogen to iron dispersed from the explosion, but even HEAVIER elements are CREATED in the explosion. Our sun and the planets, and us are created from the explosion.

So the elements in our universe are getting more and more heavy. I think you're right: the Universe itself just MIGHT eventually end up being mostly IRON (since that is the most stable element in the universe). I've NEVER heard a theory that says that before - i would love to -- but i suspect you'e right - there will eventually be less and less hydrogen + helium as each star explodes which means fewer and fewer stars are born, leading up to a smaller, cold and rusty universe.
Primal Supernova The Church of the Primal Supernova.