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Paranoia setting in! Horray!

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Should we explain ourselves?

We used to run bulletin board services up north back in the late 1980's/early 1990's. A BBS was usually a friend's computer hooked up to the phone line where you and everybody else in your area code could dial into their their computer and leave messages, chat, share files and pictures and even network with people around the world. It was local in flavor (because nobody wanted to pay the expensive long distance rates of the time). We'd hang out at Duncan Donuts, friend's houses - it was 8) . ... and cat you'd meet people you didn't know before and make NEW friends. But BBS's started to all go downhill after 1993, when the Internet was no longer the realm of computer nerds cheesy and the universities and the military (ARPA) but was released to the business world. horror Off we went to the Internet (along with the brothers and sisters and parents and grandparents and friends and big corporations and pop-up ads...) Mind you, the Internet is fantastic - we couldn't live without it. But - missing from the Internet is the local flavor and character of those old local BBS's. Sure, you've got Myspace and that's cool 8) and hip hip and everybody who's everybody's on it. But it's still for people you KNOW. Has the culture changed? Are things less safe now? No, we don't think so at free.naplesplus.us. Just be yourself for a change, make a spot for yourself here. This is Collier County and we have community. This is just another expression of it. Apologies for the ugly site but we're blind as bats here and spent 20 man hours getting these colors right. (it would be 24 hours but we had to sleep). It's good enough and we like it.

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Paranoia setting in! Horray! Should we explain ourselves?