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avatarUdut, Kenneth -- on Oct. 4 2007, from Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL
Founder of this Naples site of NeighborHelp Referrals.
myspace for adults, friendster for adults.

it's like an online bar.

You can join for free here:

Or go to the homepage (without accepting my generous invitation: here:

Update: Since I first posted this message, I'm now at "PIMP" level with 260,000+ points, so having me as a friend when you first start out is a 'good thing'.

FURTHER UPDATE: 11/06/07 - 539,689 points now. I'm a "Rock Star" now.

Dang, this thing is addictive!You'll see me by my "blue face" rather than my 3/4 profile shot that you see everywhere here.

I'm living proof that the place is FUN. Holy mackeral, its addictive!
444 4 rates


Simplify3 on Apr. 7 2008 edit · delete
P.s. I'm a "Henchman" now with 1,669,132 points.  I don't use as much but I'm happy to be a gateway to fubar for many many people. I'm a man now - you can find out more about me and my new addiction at: Kenneth-Udut
Simplify3 on Jul. 11 2008 edit · delete
If you're interested in inexpensive webhosting, see -- naplesplus uses it!

Also, any other good online social networking services?
Simplify3 on Sep. 26 2008 edit · delete
Holy crap - 9900 hits to this page alone! I think someone in central owes me a drink
B on Jan. 22 2009 edit · delete
I love that site. :D
 on Aug. 15 2009 edit · delete
I need friends! HELP!!!
Udut, Kenneth on Sep. 19 2009 edit · delete
Hey! I just joined too. It's weird but cool. -Ken
John on May 14 2010 edit · delete
Also check out
Jesical baby on Sep. 13 2010 edit · delete
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