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hi i am 22 years of age,i am a musician,i only listen to heavy metal,but it only is the growling,shreiking,screaming type.examples are chimaira,killswitch engage,years of fire,cannibal corpse,bloodbath,monstrosity,and so on.i am also a artsist.i draw,i ink,and i color,for the musician thing i am not famous.i just have a solo project.instrumentally i play guitar,bass,drums,keyboards,i have my own recording program.also i am able to write my own lyrics.i also can write poetry.artistically i am again not famous.i just enjoy creating my own designs.everything i am extremely talented with is all original.i do not create covers(musically)and i do not copy other artists work.i have 3 brothers,no sisters.if there is anything at all that i have forgotten to write.please ask.ask as many questions as you want.