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Cadillac sales shooting up, up and away!


Cadillac sales shooting up, up and away!

DeVoe Cadillac is a dealer of terrific any new and used Cadillac. Ft. Myers, Naples, and other surrounding area residents can get excited along with DeVoe Cadillac at the way Cadillac vehicles are flying off the lot left and right. If you look at the sleek, chic, eye-catching lines and curves the Cadillac brand has adopted in the last few years, it’s not very hard to understand why the increase in sales has occurred.

I for one, grew up thinking Cadillacs were cars for old people. This line of thinking was of course confirmed by the fact that my grandmother drove a wide-bodied red Cadillac with a soft red roof. A car like that makes quite an impression. In addition, my white-haired uncle was always showing up to family reunions in Ft. Myers, Cadillac DTS’ newest model always his vehicle of choice. My world was shaken up when my now boyfriend informed me he cruised around his high school’s parking lot in a chick magnet – the Cadillac Deville. That gave me a good laugh for sure.

So you can imagine my surprise when my mind, whom I must say certainly has a mind of its own, started envisioning myself behind the wheel of the seducing curves of a Cadillac CTS. The car is undeniably good looking and has shed all of its makers’ senior characteristics. Apparently, others have noticed the metamorphism as well. Cadillac sales have been increasing for the last nine months straight.

Specifically, the Cadillac CTS has improved its sales by over 46 percent. This increase has been aided by the recent debut of the CTS Coupe – a two-door take off of the four-door sedan. The Coupe allows adults to maintain their professional status, while feeling like a kid at heart. After all, isn’t that what we’re all striving for?

Additionally, the Cadillac crossover SRX has been another red-hot seller for the GM brand. The SRX is a stylishly shaped crossover, which is better described as a small SUV. The SRX’s size is the automaker’s answer for the public’s demand for hauling ability, while also being conscience of the environment and the amount of gas being consumed. Finally, at a Cadillac dealership near Ft. Myers, Cadillac DTS’ have been hard to keep on the lot.

Can’t afford new Cadillac prices? An always-great option is a used Cadillac. Ft. Myers residents can find an excellent selection of well-priced, gently used Cadillacs at DeVoe Cadillac, conveniently located in Naples, FL.