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Get excited about the upcoming Subaru Coupe


Get excited about the upcoming Subaru Coupe

Details are starting to leak out about the new joint venture between new best friends Toyota and Subaru. Ft. Myers residents can start getting excited. Currently rumored for a late 2011/early 2012 release, the two manufacturers are currently in development for a sporty rear wheel drive sports car. Yes, that’s right, a sports car. And yes, that’s right, RWD. There was a time when Toyota offered three different sports cars, but today, they do not have a sports car on the market. And Subaru currently has only the WRX STI – so these are two manufacturers that could use a good sports car in their lineup.

So what are the details of this new project? The car is rumored to feature a 2.0 liter four-cylinder boxer engine and horsepower in the low 200’s. Speculation has the car starting in the low $20,000’s for price. At this point there are still quite a few questions, such as whether or not a convertible option will be offered, or if it will be a coupe only. And of course, the overall look of the car. Another top question is whether the rear wheel drive car will bear the Toyota name or have the Subaru badge on the hood. Currently all Subaru cars have all wheel drive, so if this car bears the Subaru name, it would definitely be outside the norm. Whether or not they own a new or used Subaru, Ft. Myers residents have come to expect AWD from Subaru. Will this car buck that trend?

One way or another, people are starting to get excited. This is probably going to be a very fun car to drive. And if the price ends up being as low as rumored, this car could end up taking the market by storm. It still seems like a long time away, but 2011 will be here before you know it! Needless to say, this is an exciting project for fans of both Toyota and Subaru. Ft. Myers drivers should check back with this blog, and also their local Subaru dealer, as late 2011 approaches. And for those drivers looking for either a new or used Subaru, Ft. Myers has a great option in Devoe Subaru, located in Naples.