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Former High Blood Pressure Sufferer Advocates Healthy BP


Former High Blood Pressure Sufferer Advocates Healthy BP

Former sufferer of high blood pressure, Robert Miller, is actively advocating the various ways to keep your BP at normal and healthy levels.

November 26, 2012, Jacksonville, FL—Former sufferer of high blood pressure, Robert Miller, is actively advocating the various ways to keep your BP at normal and healthy levels. As someone who had experienced first-hand the detrimental effects of this health problem, he wants to help others in finding out how to lower blood pressure.

In 2012, it has been estimated that about 68 million people suffer from high blood pressure. With the current population in the US, that is roughly 1 in 3 adults, and the condition accounts for about 350,000 deaths in the country. Additionally, it has been found that about 77% of those who suffered stroke and 69% of those who had a heart attack all had high blood pressure. The numbers are quite alarming and should serve as a wake up call for all adults to change their lifestyle and commit to keeping themselves healthy.

Miller’s website,, provides comprehensive information about high blood pressure. To begin with, it lets you gain a better understanding of what BP is, how to get your BP reading, the consequences of high BP, and many others. But among the most salient bits of information you will find on the site is centered on how a person can reach a healthy BP and maintain it.

Miller believes that while there are medicines you can take to lower blood pressure, there are other “natural” methods you can use. Such methods are very effective, and will help those who want to know how to lower blood pressure fast.

He believes that exercise is key to achieving a healthy BP. A person must exercise at least half an hour each day. These exercises do not have to be complicated, and a mere jog in the park or even simply taking a walk around your neighborhood would suffice.

Aside from exercise, he also encourages everyone to engage in activities that would relax the mind and body, such as taking some short relaxing trips to the beach or the mountains, and even enrolling in yoga classes.

Moreover, Miller warns against taking too much caffeine or alcohol, as well as smoking since these substances can worsen the condition and make it difficult for you to get low blood pressure.

Finally, maintaining a healthy diet is also important. You should watch what you eat and avoid junk foods as well as foods rich in sodium.


The website,, is dedicated to providing people with all the information they need to lower blood pressure. You will find many helpful articles on the site and all of them are especially created to help you discover effective ways on how to lower blood pressure fast.

About Robert Miller

Mr. Miller is a former high blood pressure sufferer who wants to help spread awareness about the effects of this condition and at the same time, help people maintain a healthy BP level. For more information, visit


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