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Naples Tattooing


Naples Tattooing

Discussing the problems of Tattooing in Florida and Naples in a whole.The Situation Room like CNN for what going on with Tattooing as a whole.Answering questions like why are most Tattoos I see in the area bad..faded or just ok or kinda good but not what I see on Facebook or know is available other places

Fine Artist and Dermagraphic Artists(Tattooing)

Award Winning Artisan Brieck Eplei Attended School of the Arts Central, in Inner City Louisville. This was the Beginning of Building and Advancing Modern Surrealist Style,Full of Movement,Freedom of Expression and Color,which Characterizes His Work Today. In 2000 Attending the Art Institute of Chicago,and within a few months of the Institute, Brieck began painting under a Renown Smithsonian/Whitehouse Sculptor and Painter Michael Raymer. Learning to Free His Style up,and networking At Pavayne parties with likes of Art Dealers such as Casteli LLC and Daniel Mafia of New York. These were doors of Phenomenal Learning,Opening to a Great Future in the Arts. His most Notable Commission includes a Painting depicting an African Child and Grandmother in the African plains, dealing with such Issues as the Aids Crisis, at the Louisville Justice Resource Department Against Racism. Also a Children's Modern Scriptural style Book, for the Children of Park Hill Housing Projects, an extremely Violent Gangland Neighborhood,and the West End and Downtown Streets Of Louisville,Chicago,New York,New Jersey. With over 600 hours of Painting involved,every Child will get their own copy of the Book, to Hopefully bring Peace in the Hearts of the Children surrounded by Violence and Social Injustice. With Paintings on 5th Avenue in Naples Florida Art District,and in Private Circles in the States His Up and Coming Art Career is a Testament to His Talent.His Mystical Surrealism Style has resulted in a Life Work of Art,Painting,Tattooing,and Expressionism Unseen in Scope,Variety,Spiritual Depth.