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Men Underestimate Prostate Surgery Side effects


Men Underestimate Prostate Surgery Side effects

As most of us know cancer are primarily treated by giving radiation therapy, and the same is the case with Prostate cancer. Prostate is basically a gland found only in men and it starts growing even before birth and grows till he achieves adulthood.

The urethra runs through the center of the prostate and prostate cancer starts by tiny alterations in the shape and size of the prostate gland cells. And these cells multiply at different speeds depending upon the individual.

Basically all types of prostate cancer can cause erectile dysfunction(ED) in a man. When radiation therapy is performed in order to remove the cancerous prostate gland, the nerves responsible for erection gets severely damaged. An extensive exposure of the prostate to radiation therapy will lead to blockage of blood flow into the male penile organ by damaging the penile arteries and this would eventually lead to lack of desire for sex and inability to get a full erection which leads to impotence. In addition to impotence a man can occur a condition of urinary incontinence as well. Urinary incontinence is mostly referred to as leakage of urine without the patient knowing about it. This condition is also referred to as OB(Over active Bladder).

As confirmed by the American society of cancer, prevalence of prostate cancer is more among Black men then compared to Asians. The ratio of cases of ED post treatment to prostate cancer varies widely across the globe. The percentage is as high as 60% getting impotent after the treatment of the cancer, though in some cases recovery from ED can occur after 18 month of the treatment. Though prostate cancer patients are properly counseled before undergoing to the treatment about the possible side-effects like ED, Impotence, etc .But after the surgery most of them seem to be very disappointed as if they did not hear when they were counseled about the disease. In some cases prostate cancer was also treated by hormonal therapy which also leads to impotence and incontinence but usually this decision is taken by the physician depending on the case.

In one instance where 152 men were supposed to undergo radical prostatectomy(prostate removal),the councilors took a lot of time in explaining the possible side effects of the treatment and after a year the patients were called up for a feedback but many came back with a unrealistic expectations. Some men claimed to have a better bladder control and improved erection which surprised many doctors. In some cases the patients had a worst effect than counseled by the physician and in many cases the condition was as told by the physician.

Many times the Doctors don’t inform the patients of the side-effects as it becomes very essential to refrain from telling this. In some condition where surgery becomes very essential and the patient st ops the treatment because impotency is a possible side effect, and men don’t want this condition as it would severely hamper their sex life. Patients suffering from Impotence are been advised many treatment as well, on of the most common treatment is Viagra. Viagra is proven to be affective in patients who do not lose out the desire to have sex and it yields fascinating results as well. This is known to be the simplest form of treatment available. There are many other generic forms like Generic Viagra , Kamagra, Kamagra Oral jelly, Silagra, Caverta and many more.

But in cases where the exposure of radiation was severe this normally does not work as the penis shrinks due to over-exposure of radiation and the patients loose the desire to have sex in such cases treatments like Penile Implants and Penile Injection therapy are proved to be useful. Penile implants are more commonly used as the procedure is relatively safer and longlasting.But it is better suggested to start using a Viagra for a certain amount of time as it is proven to be affective in more than 40% of cases.

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