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Moved with NYC Movers - NY Best Movers


Moved with NYC Movers - NY Best Movers

A Other Happy Client - Thank you NYC Movers

These guys put up with me on my very own Terrible, Horrible, No Good, and Very Bad Day. I idiotically decided to schedule my move at 9am the morning after Halloween. Still drunk and quite ill, I received a call at 8am saying that we didn't have the key to the storage unit where I was scheduled to meet the movers in one hour. After some panicked and unsuccessful attempts at obtaining said key, I had to make the call to New York Movers – Remarkable Movers letting them know I screwed up. They weren't happy but they also said, "Call us by noon and we can make this happen."

The skies opened up and down dropped the key (thank you Erika). I called back and we rescheduled for noon. I huddled in the dark nursing my horrible hangover and they showed up right on time at the unit. These 3 guys had all my stuff in the truck in less than 45 minutes. I met them at the apartment and they dragged my apartment up a 5 floor walk without a peep. These guys were so professional, so gracious that I almost cried when they told me that my cost was only $375 - the bare minimum charge - for the entire ordeal. They didn't waste any time trying to eat up more billing hours and they seemed surprised even when I tipped. All in all...a great experience despite my best efforts to ruin my move. Toll Free 888-467-6143-

Thank you NYC Movers - Professional NYC Movers Thank you NYC Movers - Professional NYC Movers