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Best Quality Clarity Enhanced Natural Diamonds at Exceptional Prices


Best Quality Clarity Enhanced Natural Diamonds at Exceptional Prices

United States 11th December 2013 - Controlling almost 80% of the global clarity enhanced loose diamonds niche industry and presently growing at a rate of more than 40% yearly, Yehuda Diamond Company has earned a flawless reputation in the industry for three generations. The Yehuda clarity enhancement process makes it possible to turn low quality diamond with poor clarity into diamonds with much improved clarity by removing the fibers present in those diamonds and thus making them suitable to be used in jewelry. There is no way that an ordinary person can distinguish between a naturally good quality diamond and a clarity enhanced diamond, but compared to diamonds that have better clarity naturally, these enhanced diamonds from Yehuda are a lot cheaper and having a ring with a big diamond fitted on it is now very much a dream that many can turn into reality.

The third generation of Yehuda who are presently running the business has opted for aggressively positioning their company on a global scale and they already have offices in three different continents. Regular introduction of new styles and fittings for princess cut diamonds rings for weddings and other occasions has always been their unique selling proposition. Customers are also completely assured that every single piece of diamond available with is collected from legitimate sources only and you have little chance of being involved in conflicts.

As one of the most reputed enhanced clarity diamond dealers in the whole world, Yehuda Diamond Company guarantees that all diamonds purchased from them are absolutely conflict free as written guarantees are always provided by the suppliers to the company. For more information about Yehuda Diamond Company and also on diamonds available with them you are always welcome to visit their website or they can also provide you the name of your nearest Yehuda approved shop where you can check them out in real time.

About The Company

Yehuda Diamond Company is the inventor and leader of clarity enhanced diamonds. They serve hundred of retailers across America with their mounted and loose diamonds as well as custom made diamond jewelry that is considered to be a class apart in the industry. With offices on three continents, the Yehuda Diamond Company controls 80% of its niche market and is growing at an incredible rate of 40% to 50% each year.

Contact Information

Yehuda Diamond Company

Address: 5th Avenue

between 47th & 48th Street NY USA.

Phone: 1800-934-8320