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Netherlands, September 26, 2013 - Do you always want to be on top of the latest political happenings around the world? If yes, then keeping yourself updated with the latest news related to the major developments across the globe is now possible with just a few clicks of your mouse. – the popular online news portal has a complete section dedicated to the political news coming in from all the corners of the Earth. In a recent upload, the website has relayed the details of the presidential election process being carried out in Maldives.

The word ‘News’ immediately used to transport us into the world of the print media and television channels relaying the latest developments with the help of their journalists and presenters. But then News Craters entered into the industry and changed everything we knew about it. Today, all the latest comings and goings of the world are just a few clicks away with the amazing power of the internet and the dedicated Team of reporters from News Craters.

“Ousted former president Mohamed Nasheed fails to win outright with 45% of votes and faces stiff challenge in runoff. The first democratically elected president of the Maldives, ousted in 2012 in what he called a coup, faces a runoff against the brother of the country’s former dictator after falling short of a clear majority in the presidential election. Mohamed Nasheed, who is the candidate of the Maldivian Democratic party (MDP), received 45% of the vote on Saturday, election officials announced. He needed half of the votes cast to win outright. The veteran human rights and climate change campaigner could find it hard to secure a second-round majority if his three election opponents form an alliance for the runoff on 28 September.” said Marieke Achen, editor at

You can find the complete article on the ongoing election process in Maldives, available for free reading on this popular online news portal. Make sure you don’t miss out on it.

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