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Fantasicness of CTS Sauces


Fantasicness of CTS Sauces

Spicy Hawaiian Catsup! Unique. Fantastic!

A special, unique, delicious Catsup bred from secret Island recipe! Everyone one knows the taste of Catsup. Whatever favorite brand is used. Catsup is catsup , until now! CTS Spicy Hawaiian Catsup is changing all that because of it's fantastic taste which makes eating your favorite dishes even more delectable. Fantastic on Everything! Restaurant Proven! Affordable ! Use on.. Burgers * Steaks * Fish * Poultry * Fries * Chops * Bar-B-Que * Stir Fry * Ribs * Hotlinks * Hot Dogs Also a versatile , tasteful addition or base for outstanding Salad dressings. RUBS,Seasoned Flours are also available and just as great! Label

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