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Enrique - wind stalkers kiteboarding instructors are 100% dedicated to building experieced kiteboarders and keeping kiteboarding safe

WIND STALKES KITEBOARDING are the only full service kiteboarding instructors in SW FLORIDA naples ,marcos island and bonita beach, offering both pro certified lessons, rental gear, retail gear. Essentially the client can try before purchasing as we retail what we instruct on BestKiteboarding and other equipment.

We are dedicated to make kiteboarding lessons a safer one for the beginner, make the learning level as fun as possible and instruct the student in such a way that he or she can get on the water as quickly and as safely as possible.

Located in sw florida, wind stalkers kiteboarding has the perfect location for any beginer to learn and grow safely with only the best International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certified instructors.

WSK believes in teaching on a one-on-one basis, helping the student get the most out of their kite boarding lesson.

We employ an instructional program certified by the IKO taught by our IKO qualified instructors. This program is sectioned into different skill levels that can be achieved by students during their learning process. (Member, registered on Nov. 1 2008)
Howell Cindy (Member, registered on Oct. 29 2008)